The rash that keeps coming back (Rachel Frederickson, PA-C)

The rash that keeps coming back (Rachel Frederickson, PA-C)

Do you have a persistent rash? Does it go away and then return?

If you are suffering from an unusual rash that comes and goes and doesn’t respond to treatment, you could be dealing with contact dermatitis. This rash can occur anywhere on the body and typically itches but may also sting or burn. You may notice redness and small blisters on the skin, but the rash may also swell, crust, ooze or peel in severe cases. You may be coming into contact with substances which you are allergic to or that are irritating your skin.

The best course of treatment is to find the cause of the contact dermatitis and to avoid it. Skin patch testing can help identify the substances which may be triggering the irritation or allergic reaction.

Patch testing is a painless, needle free process which takes place over three visits. The tests are customized to you, based on your medical history, occupation, environment and skin care products you may use. These visits are covered by most insurance plans if other treatments for your rash have failed.

For any irritants or allergens that are identified, the doctor or PA will provide counseling on how to avoid and/or manage the symptoms of contact dermatitis.